Discover with us high-quality organic cereals from the European Union! Cereals are one of the most important sources of food for humans. The flour is used to make bread, which is the basis of our food, as well as pasta, pizza, biscuits and many other products. In addition to producing for consumers, cereals are used to produce animal feed and biofuels. EU farms cultivate one third of the total agricultural area in the EU and harvest hundreds of millions of tonnes of cereals each year. Wheat, barley and grain maize are the most widely grown cereals in the EU. The largest producers of cereals in the EU are France, Germany and Poland. Particularly in Poland, the popularity of original cereal varieties, such as Persian wheat or round-grain wheat, recently reconstructed by scientists in order to increase biodiversity, is growing. Scientists confirm that original varieties, especially those grown from organic crops, provide more nutritional and health-promoting values, and bakers, confectioners, chefs and consumers themselves praise the original varieties for their unique, better taste, especially when freshly ground flour is used.