Carrot cake with cream cheese icing

Carrot cake with cream cheese icing


- 200 g wheat flour

- 200 g carrot

- 1 orange

- 2 eggs

- 200 g sugar

- 150 ml vegetable oil

- 50 g desiccated coconut

- 0.5 small spoon baking powder

- 1.5 small spoons baking soda

- 2 small spoons gingerbread spice


Ingredients for the icing:

- 250 g mascarpone cheese

- 1/4 glass powdered sugar

- 2 spoons lemon juice



- blueberries

- pecan nuts

- pumpkin seeds


Whip the eggs (heated to the room temperature) to double the volume, then gradually add sugar one spoon afteranother, still whipping, for around 10 minutes.

Still whipping, with the mixer running at high speed, pour the oil into the dish in a continuous and thin stream.

Add the peeled, thinly grated carrot, the grated orange peel, the peeled orange cut into small cubes, the desiccated coconut and mix. Heat the oven up to 150 degrees.

Sieve the flour into the second dish, add the baking powder, the soda, the gingerbread spice and a pinch of salt and mix. Pour into the dish containing the carrot and mix all ingredients with a spoon.

Put the cake into a baking tin with a diameter of ca. 22 cm inlaid with baking paper. Bake for around 60 minutes.

Put the mascarpone, the powdered sugar, the lemon juice and a pinchof salt into the dish and whip for around 2 minutes.

Cut the well-cooled cake horizontally into two parts. Spread the bottom with one half of the icing, cover with the second part of the cake and spread the rest of the icing across the surface. Decorate with nuts, blueberries and pumpkin seeds.

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