Cherry-cocoa cake with cream custard

Cherry-cocoa cake with cream custard


2.5 glasses wheat flour

3 glasses white sugar

3/4 glass unsweetened cocoapowder

1.5 small spoons bakingpowder

1 small spoon baking soda

0.5 spoon salt

3 eggs

1 glass milk

0.5 small spoon vegetableoil

1 spoon vanilla extract

2 cans cherries withoutstones

1/4 glass corn starch

1 small spoon vanillaextract

3 cups thick sour cream(30% fat)

1/3 glass powdered sugar


Step 1

Heat the oven to 175 degrees. Smear tworound pastry moulds with a 15 cm diameter with fat and sprinkle them withflour. Line the bottom with baking paper.

Step 2

Mix the flour, two glasses of sugar, thecocoa, baking powder, soda and salt in a large bowl. Add the eggs, milk, oiland one spoon of vanilla and whip with a blender. Pour the pastry into themoulds. Bake for around 35 minutes. Then cool the pastry down in the mould on agrill for 10 minutes. Loosen the edges and remove the mould onto the grill inorder for the pastry to cool down completely.

Step 4

Strain the cherries, leaving 1/2 glass ofjuice. Combine the juice, cherries, one glass of sugar and corn starch in asmall saucepan with a capacity of 2 l. Simmer on a low heat until thick, stillmixing. Add one small spoon of vanilla. Strain before use.

Step 5

Mix the sour cream and the powdered sugarin a medium-sized bowl. Whip the mixture with an electric blender at a high speeduntil it becomes stiff.

Step 6

Divide both biscuits horizontally in halfwith a long serrated knife. Tear one layer into crumbs and put aside. Set aside1.5 cups of whipped cream to decorate the cake. Smear the biscuit topsdelicately with whipped cream, put the cherries on them and smear evenly.Repeat the activity with successive layers. Decorate the top with whippedcream, the crumbled cake and the cherries.

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