Chicken breast with vegetables in crispy baskets

Chicken breast with vegetables in crispy baskets


500 g chicken breast

1 package of phyllo pastry

1 cucumber

1 can kidney beans

1 red onion

1 bunch of dill

1 small jar mayonnaise

1 sour cream (22% fat)

1 clove of rubbed garlic

salt and pepper for taste


Step 1

Cut small squares from thephyllo. Form baskets and fry in the deep fat so as to preserve their shape.Strain on a paper towel.


Step 2

Cut the chicken breast intosmall cubes, fry and cool down. Cut the cucumber, the onion and the dill intocubes and put them over to the bowl. Add the fried chicken, the strained beansand the mayonnaise into the bowl. Season with the salt and the pepper for tasteand mix thoroughly.


Step 3

Put one spoon of the bowlcontent into each basket. Serve with sour cream mixed with garlic, salt andpepper.

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