Dacquoise with organic apple jam

Dacquoise with organic apple jam


5 egg whites

5 spoons and 2 teaspoons sugar

5 spoons and 2 teaspoons cocoa powder

1 glass hazelnut flour

6 spoons powdered sugar

300 g organic apple jam

500 g 36% sour cream

100 g white chocolate

2 g gelatin

300 g lecithin

50 ml lemon olive oil

200 g caramel ice-cream

Yarrow leaves

20 ml strawberry sauce


Step 1

Preparation of a nut cake

Heat the oven up to 175 Celsius degrees. Line up the mould with baking paper.  Sieve the cocoa powder, the hazelnut flour and powdered sugar into the dish. Whip the egg whites with a mixer until they begin to foam. Add the sugar slowly, still whipping until stiff tops form. Mix with the cocoa mass delicately. Spread the even layer of pastry over the prepared mould. Bake for 13 minutes. Take the mould out of the oven and remove the cake from the mould. Remove the parchment and cut out rectangles. Place the apple jam and the mousse. Cut the cake to a rectangular shape.

Step 2

Preparation of sour cream mousse

Cook the cream and add soaked gelatin leaves. Stirring, add the while chocolate and the gingerbread spice, mix the ingredients until blending. Cover the formed mass with food packaging film and put into a refrigerator for 24 hours.

Take the mass out of the refrigerator, put into a mixer and whip until stiff. Put everything over into a bag and inject onto a plate.

Step 3

Preparation of lemon powder

Add the lemon olive oil to the lecithin and mix well.

Step 4

Put the cake on a plate. Spoon some lemon powder and a portion of caramel ice-cream onto the cake. Squeeze two drops of strawberry sauce from the bottle. Decorate everything with blueberries, delicately sprinkle with gingerbread spice and young yarrow leaves.

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