Fit salad with organic chicken

Fit salad with organic chicken


·      1 large organic chicken breast

·      1 tbsp herbes de Provence

·      3 handfuls of mixed lettuce

·      100 g cherry tomatoes

·      1 medium green cucumber

·      ½ red bell pepper

·      1 tbsp olive oil

·      1 tbsp grape seed oil

·      1 tbsp lemon juice

·      Pinch of chili flakes

·      Pinch of salt

·      Basil leaves for garnish


Pour a tbsp of grapeseed oil into the pan and fry the breast until it is lightly browned. Add a tsp of herbes de Provence and fry for another half a minute, until the spices thoroughly coat the breast on all sides. Then set aside to cool.


Put lettuce in a bowl, add thinly sliced bell peppers, sliced cucumber and halved cherry tomatoes. In a small bowl, mix a tbsp of olive oil with lemon and salt until perfectly combined. Transfer the sauce to the bowl with the vegetables and mix thoroughly.


Cut the breast into thick cubes. Transfer the vegetables from the bowl to a large plate. Add the sliced breast, spreading it evenly.


Sprinkle the whole dish with chili flakes, and add basil leaves at the very end.

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