Pork in sweet and sour sauce with rice

Pork in sweet and sour sauce with rice


- 250 g pork loin

- 1 glass wheat flour

- 1 egg

- 125 ml milk

- 1 small spoon baking powder

- 1 parsley

- 1 rice package

- frying oil


Ingredients for sauce:

- 2 spoons soy sauce

- 1 spoon tomato paste

- 1 spoon vinegar

- 3 spoons honey

- 1 flat small spoon chilli flakes


Cut the meat into large cubes, throw onto thefrying pan with one small spoon of oil and fry for around 4 minutes.Cook the rice according to the instructions on the package. Sieve the flour into the bowl with the baking powder, addthe egg, milk and chilli, mix thoroughly. Put the fried butter into the bowland mix. Heat the frying pan with the oil (in a quantity fordeep-frying) and throw the meat pieces previously dipped in the pastry. Fry until golden. In the meantime, prepare thesauce from the mixed ingredients for sauce and heat up in the pot for a while.Add the pork to the pot with the sauce and mix. Put the meat over to the lunchbox along with the rice and sprinkle with the parsley. Put your favouritevegetables and fruit into the second box.

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