Roasted pork neck with cranberry, apple and aromatic clove

Roasted pork neck with cranberry, apple and aromatic clove


1.5 kg pork neck

200 g cranberry

200 g sour apples

100 g forest fruit

0.5 glass sugar

0.5 glass cranberry juice

1 small spoon mustard powder

1/4 small spoon ground cloves

2 spoons wheat flour

salt and pepper for taste


Step 1

Rub the cranberry with a fork or a potatomasher. Put over to a bowl and add the sugar, cranberry juice, mustard andcloves. Mix thoroughly.

Step 2

Cut the pork neck to form a pocket. Stuffit with the cranberry and sliced apple and put over to a large baking pan.Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Leave for 24 hours to macerate.

Step 3

Roast at 135 degrees for three hours oruntil the meat becomes soft. Remove the roast from the oven.

Step 4

Remove the fat from the liquid in thebaking pan using a metal spoon. Pour two glasses of the remaining liquid into asmall saucepan. Bring to the boil on a medium fire. Mix the flour and coldwater to obtain a paste. Gradually mix with the boiling liquid. Continuecooking, still mixing, until the liquid becomes dense. Add the salt for taste.Serve the ready sauce for the roast.

Decorate with herbs and forest fruit.

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