Tortilla with organic pork and vegetables

Tortilla with organic pork and vegetables


·       3 tortillas

·       200 g minced pork

·       6 slices of hard cheese

·       1 onion

·       3 leaves of nappa cabbage

·       3 cucumbers

·       1 red bell pepper

·       6 radishes

·       parsley



·       200 ml 18% table cream

·       1/2 tsp oregano

·       1/2 tsp granulated garlic

·       Salt and pepper


Fry the pork with chopped onion in a tablespoon of oil, season withsalt and pepper.

Wash and chop the vegetables.

Combine ingredients for sauce in a bowl.

Add a dab of sauce to each tortilla, add 2 slices of cheese, add porkand vegetables. Roll up, tucking the bottom edge inward.

Place tortillas in a dry skillet and heat on both sides under coverfor 3-4 minutes.

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