Quality matters - the European "Farm to Fork" strategy!

Quality matters - the European "Farm to Fork" strategy!

The “Farm to Fork” Strategy is part of the European Green Deal.1 It goals are sustainable food production methods and indicating a link between protecting the planet and human health. It introduces a number of activities aimed at modernization of agriculture and developing sustainable production practices while respecting the laws of nature. This is a way of safe, organic food from the European Union!2 


Why this strategy is of great importance for European Union?

Did you know that today's food systems are responsible for almost a third of global green house gas emissions and use a significant amount of natural resources? This strategy will enable climate neutrality by2050 and will completely change the current food system to a sustainable model.3


Priorities and assumptions

Farm to Fork strategy is a food that is affordable, giving producers higher profits, supporting the supply sector, and promoting fair trade principles.


An important assumption is to increase the popularity of organic farming, which will ensure wholesome food while maintaining very high standards of animal husbandry and plant cultivation. Popularization of sustainable consumption will also reduce food losses. This is of great importance not only for people but also for the natural environment.4


How can the agriculture-food chain ensure safety and high quality?

The current policy of the European Union, operating in line with the idea of "farm to fork", allows for an in-depth trace of production conditions, starting from the establishment of a plantation or husbandry, through the entire growth process, protection against possible pests or diseases, to harvesting, packaging and transport.

Thanks to this, the entire path of products is closely monitored and as a consumer you can get accurate information about the food you choose. This is a huge step towards sustainable production and ecology!5


Organically produced food is gaining more and more followers. This helps to raise consumer awareness of organic production methods and the methods of recognizing such foods. Through initiatives and regulations, the farm to fork strategy will visibly orient the food industry on practices that facilitate sustainable food choices. By consciously choosing high-quality food, it will be beneficial for us and the entire natural environment!




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