Taste and quality sealed in a jar - discover the organic fruit and vegetable preserves!

Taste and quality sealed in a jar - discover the organic fruit and vegetable preserves!

Public interest in the ecological agricultural production is continuously growing! Statistics for the years 2009-2019 clearly show that Europe's organic farming are a has increased by almost 66% and that organic farming now accounts for 8.5% of the EU's total farmland! According to current forecasts, 15-18% of farmlands will be taken by organic farming until 2030.1

Products, such as juices, silage, concentrates or lyophilisates, are produced in the European Union. Their preparation is based on a variety of fruits and vegetables, including apples, currants, chokeberry and mushrooms, which become more and more popular. Find out how much good you can find in an eco-friendly jar!


How natural preserves are made

In the European Union, there are strict regulations applicable to all producers of organic preserves. They cannotfertilize their crops with artificial fertilizers or use pesticides. The preserves themselves cannot contain preservatives, artificial additives and dyes. Are you aware that these types of products have a 100% natural taste and their consistency is not artificially modified? It is usually smoother, not artificially compacted and condensed.

The production of organic fruit and vegetable preserves often takes place with a little heat treatment, which is called gentle pasteurization. They are not fixed with ultra-high pressures or sterilization. While drying the fruit, sulfuric acid and potassium sorbate are not used. The gentle processing of food makes the most natural aroma and flavour of each product feasible.


What about industrial products?

In industrial processing, the use of preservatives, flavour enhancers and dyes is allowed. At the sole stage of plant growth, they can be fertilized with many artificial means, e.g. pesticides. Almost 85% of the studies so far indicate that organic farming is superior to industrial methods. It has been demonstrated that in organic farming, in vegetables and fruit, the level of antioxidants increases by as much as 30%.2 According to the research, in the case of apples from organic farming, the anthocyanin content is 70% higher3 than in the case of industrial crops.


So why is it worth consuming organic preserves from the European Union? Fruit and vegetable growth is the backbone of European agriculture. Dynamic development of ecological solutions in this area assures you of high quality, safety and delicious taste of ecological products!

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