What do controls of organic production in the EU provide?

What do controls of organic production in the EU provide?

Did you know that there are strict controls behind every organic product made in the EU? Read our article and find out what conditions EU producers must meet in order for a product to be classified as organic! Find out what you will gain if you choose organic food produced in the EU.

EU control system
Each EU country designates a "competent authority" with the responsibility to ensure that the regulations for organic production are followed. Typically, such an authority is the Department of Agriculture or the Department of Public Health [1]. In addition, EU countries are required to report annually to the European Commission on the results of organic production inspections. By having your production inspected on a cyclical basis, you buy a product of consistently high quality, which is determined by regulations.

Tasks of the European Commission
The European Commission supervises EU countries and checks that they have fulfilled their obligations. As a result, no matter which EU country organic food comes from, it undergoes the same rigorous inspections. Therefore, any product you choose tastes just as great and is safe.

What do EU inspections look like in practice?
Before marketing a product labeled as organic, farmers, processors or traders undergo an inspection, which is carried out by a certification body. After a successful inspection, a certificate is issued confirming compliance with strict EU requirements.
Farmers must also comply with regulations in the sector that protect public health, animal and plant health, the environment and animal welfare. They are obliged to comply with the requirements of the "cross-compliance" regulations.
In addition, all food producers must comply with the General Food Law - General Food Law [2].

With inspections and consistent procedures for classifying organic products produced in the EU, you know that the food you choose is safe. The inspections are responsible for the quality of the product, its taste and your satisfaction, which is why they are so important, and the EU's example of special attention to them.



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